Women of the Bible…You’ve read their stories, heard about them in church or the synagogue. Are you like me and find their stories tantalizing?

Do you know Judith, the beautiful young woman who single-handedly saves her people from annihilation by the Assyrians, the greatest political and military power on earth? Do you know about Junia, the only female apostle mentioned in the New Testament? Does Sarah’s laughter at God make you want to know more about her? And what about the steamy stories of Ruth, Tamar and Lot’s Daughters? Something seems to be going on between the lines of the texts.

Using biblical scholarship I am on a quest to discover as much about their stories as I can and to reconstruct their lives. Come join me on the journey. Feel free to wander around my website and join my mailing list (enter your email in the sidebar) to keep up to date on my latest research, news and publications. You are always welcome to contact me and follow my blog.

 —Robin Cohn