Huldah: Parashat Nitzavim

In the Torah portion this week we read: “Surely, this Instruction which I enjoin upon you this day is not too baffling for you, nor is it beyond reach” (Deut. 30:11). The “Instruction” is the Law of Moses and the point of this verse is that the Bible is accessible. In Numbers 11:29 Moses suggests that not just the Law but also revelation itself was available to all when he declared, “‘Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the Lord put His spirit upon them!’”

The prophetess Huldah, who is very closely related to the book of Deuteronomy, heeded Moses’ wish for other inspired leaders to reach out to the “Instructions” and through inspiration make them their own. Therefore, before we leave the Book of Deuteronomy, I want to discuss Huldah and her role in “democratizing” scripture. Some scholars even think that she wrote the book but I have yet to find any evidence for such a claim, although I certainly will keep looking for it! Read more…

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