About Me

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Raised by a Mormon mother and a Calvinistic Presbyterian father, as a teenager, I found myself swimming in a sea of religious debate. Initially the search for “facts” to prove a point motivated me to study the Bible intensely. Along the way I converted to Judaism and discovered that I couldn’t resist the stories about the women of both the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles. Through feminist scholarship I discovered these ancient texts hold a well-kept secret: women have always held a great deal more power and respect than we have been led to believe.

Using my proclivity for research I run to the end of the academic road and then keep on going to explore the probabilities, the intelligent guesses, and the most likely scenarios beyond the canon. Out of these fragments I create historical novels that explore the lives of the gutsy, wise, and sometimes treacherous female characters of the Bible.

I have written short stories, YA novels, poetry and children’s literature, which have appeared in regional literary magazines such as Drash: A Northwest Mosaic and publications sponsored by the Artist Trust organization. I have a degree in the Philosophy of Religion from the University of Washington and I am a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the Historical Novel Society. Over the years I have attended many writers’ conferences including Haystack and Women’ Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy and have completed a number of writing courses including the Certificate in Writing for Children program through the University of Washington. While living in Israel for a year, I wrote Judith: Wise Woman of Bethulia. Living two years in southern Italy produced Junia: The Forgotten Apostle. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington.