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Note: I have included only those books and articles I found useful in the writing of Judith: Wise Woman of Bethulia. Each section is a pdf file you can download and print.

Atlases & Maps
Bath, Ritual (Mikvah) – see also Menstruation
Blacksmithing & Metalurgy in Ancient Near East
Cherub & Cheribim
Contraception in the Ancient Near East
Conversion in Ancient Israel
Deception, Women and the Bible
Dinah and the Shechem Episode
Education, Israelite – see also Scribes
Elders in Ancient Israel
Eunuchs in the Ancient Near East
Fasting in Ancient Israel
Feasting & Food in Ancient Near East
Gates of City in Israel
Guilds of Ancient Near East, Women’s
Hanukkah & Judith
Historical Background
Inheritance Given to Israelite Daughters
Jerusalem & the Temple
Marriage and Family in Ancient Israel
Medical Practices of Ancient Near East
Menstration in Ancient Israel
Messengers in Ancient Near East
Mourning Practices, Israel
Music, Dance, Drumming Women & Daughters of Song in Ancient Israel
Naqia, Consort of King Sennacherib
New Moon Festival (Rosh Chodesh)
Prayer in Ancient Israel
Scribes and Scribal Arts of the Ancient Near East
Seclusion of Women in Ancient Near East
Slavery in the Ancient Near East
Sukkot (Festival of Booths)
Tents in the Ancient Near East
Warfare in Ancient Near East
Widows in Ancient Israel
Wisdom and Women of Wisdom in Ancient Israel
Women & the Temple

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