Pharoah’s Daughter, Adopted Mother of Moses

The daughter of Egypt shall be shamed and given into the hands of the people of the North. (Jer. 46:24)

The haftarah reading this week is a selection from Jeremiah which uses the denigration of bat-Mitzraym, the daughter of Egypt, as a way of describing the downfall of the nation. “Jeremiah uses male domination of women as the metaphor of fulfillment of God’s plan against Egypt” (Eger, p.71). Historically this negative view of Egypt is somewhat understandable given the enslavement of the Chosen People. No one seems to notice that Pharaoh’s daughter, the literal daughter of Egypt, played a significant role in saving Israel’s savior, Moses. It is time to give the woman her due and stand up for her by converting Jeremiah’s misogynist language into praise for a heroic woman. Read more…

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