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Dear Friends, I’m happy to announce the completion of my novel, Judith: Wise Woman of Bethulia, the launch of my website and my weekly newsletter about women of the bible. It’s been a long time in the making. Now you can see what I’ve been doing while hunched over my computer the last 4 years!

I invite you to visit my website where you can find out more about my novel and myself. There you will discover all sorts of goodies– an excerpt from the novel, a brief synopsis, bibliography, chronology, maps and more.

As I mentioned, I am also launching a weekly newsletter about women of the bible. My intention is to bring to light little known information and observations about these important female figures and their activities. I want to introduce you to biblical women who are right in plain sight but still invisible to us. I will be following the schedule of selections from the first five books of the bible, the Torah portions read by Jews from around the world each week. Even if you are not Jewish or religious, you will gain insights into one of the world’s greatest pieces of literature. See below for an example of my Biblical Women Week by Week newsletter.

You can visit my website at

Robin Cohn

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